Jack Wild


Best known for his Oscar nominated role as The Artful Dodger in Oliver, in 1968, he then went on to play Jimmy in the children’s series HR Pufnstuf, and its spin-off movie, Pufnstuf.

Like so many child stars (too many!), Jack went through a period of drug and alcohol abuse in his twenties. Unlike most he eventually managed to conquer his addictions, and returned to acting, first in the theatre, and then with minor movie roles including in Robin Hood, Prince Of Thieves. His last theatre performance was in the musical, Virus, at Nottingham Theatre Royal in 1999.

Sadly, in 2001, he was diagnosed with oral cancer, which resulted, in 2004, in the loss of his tongue and voicebox. Despite being unable to speak, and only able to communicate through his wife, Claire, he made the brave decision to return to acting in a non-speaking role in Moussaka & Chips in 2005.

His cancer proved to be incurable, and he passed away later that year at the too young age of 53.