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X-Pat TV 2 is our general entertainment channel. It shows movies, drama, comedy and documentaries. Everything from Bond Movies to Carry On and Benny Hill!

We try to choose old movies and TV series which haven’t been “played to death” on mainstream TV. We even have a few TV series which were previously thought to be “lost”.

Follow us on Facebook at @xptv2 to keep up with announcements about our schedule and our productions.

XPTV1 Logo

Our sister station, X-Pat TV 1 is primarily a music channel. Given our central aim of providing an English-speaking global service, most of the music and musicians we feature are from the UK & US. We do, however, also like to showcase talent from other areas of the World. XPTV1 also offers you some great celebrity interviews and chat shows.

If you’d like to check out our music channel, you can find XPTV1 right next to XPTV2 on your favourite IPTV box, or by following THIS LINK

XPTV2 highlights

Here at XPTV2, we believe in old fashioned variety. Our viewers are mostly ex-pats, living in parts of the world with great lifestyles and amazing cultures. They tune in to be entertained. If they want reality, and “talent shows”, they can simply walk out to a local bar! From old-school drama and Sci-Fi classics to comedy and vintage movies, you’ll always find a relaxing escape here. Keep an eye on our LISTINGS to find your favourite memories from the good old days of Television.

Here are a few of our highlights.

Benny Hill
Star Trek
The Avengers

Benny Hill

Abandoned by most of the mainstream media as being “not politically correct”, but we still love him! Here at XPTV, we are people of many races, genders, and sexualities, and all of us agree that above all, Benny Hill is FUNNY. And face it… The girls always win in the end (cue “Yakkety Sax”)!

Star Trek

Only the best SciFi ever! (Unless you’re a Star Wars fan.) We’re currently screening the upscaled HD version of Deep Space 9, but we have plans to introduce a weekly Sci-Fi day soon, including episodes of the first four series, and the early movies. Follow the announcements on our Facebook Page so you don’t miss it!

The Avengers

John Steed has to be one of the most stylish heroes on TV. Always immaculately dressed, perfectly polite, and alongside his succession of female partners, downright dangerous! A little trivia for you: Patrick MacNee’s costumes were all designed by Pierre Cardin, and that brand is still best known for its traditional “Bowler & Brolly” look.

Carry On
Dukes Of Hazzard
The Flintstones

Carry On

When you’re putting your feet up with a cuppa, you can’t beat a Carry On for a good laugh. Watch our Movie Page to find out when we’re playing the Carry On movies. We also run the “Carry On Laughing” series, and some great Carry On documentaries. A bit of Carry On trivia: For most of the Carry On series, the cast never left Pinewood Studios, and the furthest they ever travelled on location was Snowdonia, which doubled for The Khyber Pass.

Dukes Of Hazzard

Another TV series that gets a bit of a “bad rap” these days for being un-PC, mostly because of the Confederate flags which are quite prominent around Hazzard County, and especially on the General Lee (the Dukes’ famous car). Also for the way the guys treat their womenfolk. Once again, we think our audience is intelligent enough to see it as “of its time”, and it still has great storylines with comedy, drama, and a sprinkling of “mush”. 

The Flintstones

We always have something for our younger viewers, especially during school holidays. The Flintstones is one of those kids’ shows that works on two levels, so the mums and dads can enjoy it as well. It’s been a staple of XPTV2 since we first opened, with two episodes playing every day at 11am. Flintstone trivia: Despite being a show aimed mostly at children, the first season sponsor was actually Winston Cigarettes! In future syndication the sponsor had to be removed from the credits.

The XP Story

XPTV Techie

The original idea for an ex-pat community TV network started, as most of the best ideas do, with two friends chatting over a beer in a bar. That was around 7 years ago, and, at that time, the technology really wasn’t available at any affordable price.

Fibre Internet was still in its infancy, and most users were still using ADSL, with upload speeds too low to do video broadcasting over ordinary connections. Any kind of reasonably priced video broadcast software was still restricted to videophone communications at relatively low resolutions. All the drunken ideas in the world couldn’t overcome those obstacles.

So it was that X-Pat Radio (XPR1 and XPR2) was born, as a stepping stone to the TV channels we really wanted. For the next few years, we followed advances in video streaming technology, and developed a system which would work for broadcasting HD video through our own servers. Finally, in late 2019, we were able to start test broadcasts on XPTV1.

The COVID19 lockdowns provided us with an unprecedented opportunity. Not only were we all stuck at home with nothing to do, but we also realised that everyone else was also stuck at home, and crying out for entertainment. That gave us just the time and the kick we needed to start up XPTV1 as the world’s first community music TV channel. By the time the second round of lockdowns began in November 2020, we had had two stations running, including the then new XPTV2, which added general entertainment programming to our line-up.

Our challenges

We are still facing several challenges, mostly because we are so far ahead of the field in IPTV broadcasting. Much of the technology we need is either not available, or is aimed at big mainstream broadcasters, with big mainstream prices to match. We have already had to think “outside the box”, developing much of our technology in-house, to get to where we are now. We are currently working along with software development partners to create a basic asset management and broadcast automation system which is simultaneously simple to deploy and affordable for small community stations. That will enable us to move to the next level with our programme scheduling.

Another area that really needs addressing, as more small IPTV stations follow our lead, and open up online around the world, is the issue of content licensing. There are still no perfect licensing options for video broadcasting, as the system is very much stuck in the BBC/ITV/Videotape era, having not been properly updated since the last century. Whilst community and online radio has been able to move forward thanks to new online licensing agreements with PRS, PPS, and MCPS, TV, movie and Video rights are still mostly controlled by individual production companies which benefits no one except copyright lawyers. Content creators lose out, small broadcasters lose out, and people like us end up spending inordinate amounts of time chasing production company executives who often don’t have the information about the vintage programming we want to screen, and, frankly, have better things to do!

The future of XP Broadcasting

TV Streaming

New asset management and scheduling systems are about to move XPTV1 and XPTV2 to the next level. Here on XPTV2, we’ll be able to set up our schedules more like the mainstream TV channels, with themed days, and weekly episodes instead of daily, giving us the option to run more different shows.

Coming up over the next few months will be XPTV3 for sports and live events, which is already in the testing phase. We are also planning an Arts channel, and our own News service.

On the technical side, bigger servers and new relays will enable us to offer our services to other selected community broadcasters. We will probably never offer one of those “We will build you a TV station” services, like the ones advertised on Facebook. Our insistence on maintaining quality in everything with our name on it means we’ll likely never offer any kind of “one-click” service, but we will certainly consider requests for  technical help on a consultancy basis from other small broadcasters who meet our quality standards.