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X-Pat TV 2 is our new general entertainment channel. It is intended to screen movies, drama, comedy and documentaries. We are working hard to build content for the channel, and much of it (especially the documentary and reality TV) will eventually be our own in-house productions. The pandemic crisis sadly pushed back a lot of our filming, so for now you’ll find that much of our schedule is based around retro movies.

We try to choose old movies and TV series which haven’t been “played to death” on mainstream TV. We are even screening a few TV series which were previously thought to be “lost”.

Follow us on Facebook at @xptv2 to keep up with announcements about our schedule and our productions.

Our sister station, X-Pat TV 1 is primarily a music channel. Given our central aim of providing a global service to English-speaking expats, most of the music and musicians we feature are from the UK, US, Ireland , and the Commonwealth. We do, however, also like to showcase talent from other areas of the World with significant expat communities.

XPTV1 also offers you some great celebrity interviews and chat shows. Much of our celebrity content is exclusive to our channels, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

If you’d like to check out our music channel, you can find XPTV1 right next to XPTV2 on your favourite IPTV box, or by following THIS LINK